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New Era Martial Arts Instructors

We pride ourselves in the highest quality and moral integrity you can have in a martial art school.  Chief Instructor Drew Blackwell has personally chosen all of the instructors that teach at New Era Martial Arts and trained them to teach through his unique and specialized blend of martial arts instructor training.

New Era Martial Arts (NEMA) is an American Kenpo Jiujitsu and Kickboxing school that also offers classes for children in Kenpo and Kali4Kids (Created by Master Apolo Ladra) and Combat Sombo.  We are the only School in Maryland certified in Combat Sombo. NEMA has a direct lineage to the Founder of American Kenpo Edmund Parker and is a Second Generation School and our Chief Instructor Andrew Blackwell trained under Edmund Parker's direct student (1st Generation) Adrian Roman.

New Era Martial Arts Academy's philosophy is to provide the highest in quality instruction in American Kenpo techniques and the reasons why and how they work. We work on a rotating curriculum which allows a new student to enter the program and receive all of the information needed to progress quickly and effectively.  With our well thought out curriculum we know exactly what we are teaching and do not have an off-the-cuff teaching process like many other schools.  

New Era Martial Arts facilities consist of a 918 Sq. Ft. of Zebra 2 inch mats, as well as 6 inch crash mats, kick shields, focus mitts, grappling dummies, Thai Pads, and so much more. The facility is meticulously cleaned everyday and we believe great customer service, great instruction, a clean facility to train in, NO TESTING OR BELT FEES and NO BLACK BELT CLUB (Long Term Agreements Guaranteeing a Black Belt)! You will not buy your belt at New Era Martial Arts, all belts are earned through hard work, knowledge of the material as well as good behavior at home and in school.


Drew Blackwell

Chief Instructor

Randall Talvik

Program Director/ Assistant Instructor

Drew Blackwell flying side kick Randall Talvik
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